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2017 Quarterly Meetings

Latest Meeting: NUC and CAES LDRD Workshop

February 5-6, 2019

Idaho Falls, ID


The National University Consortium (NUC) and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) are teaming up to hold a joint workshop focused on INL's Laboratory-directed Research and Development (LDRD) call.

The LDRD call will focus on INL's Laboratory Agenda and INL's stategic objectives and critical outcomes.

  1. Nuclear Energy Competitiveness and Leadership

  2. Integrated Fuel Cycle Solutions

  3. Advance Integrated Energy Systems

  4. Advance Design and Manufacturing

  5. Enduring Control Systems Cybersecurity Innovation Capabilities

Each day will consist of breakout sessions with an INL subject matter expert presenting on INL's LDRD workscopes.


Registration Page

Security Plan Form

  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to fill this form out and send it to Tiffany Adams ( by January 2. 
  • If you attended the NUC and CAES CINR workshop in August 2018, you do not need to fill out this form. 

FY-20 LDRD Workscopes (External)


Meeting and Workshop Documents

Folder: 2016 Annual Meeting (August)
8/27/2018 4:35 PM
Folder: 2016 Quarterly Meeting (November)
8/27/2018 4:37 PM
Folder: 2017 Annual Meeting (August)
8/27/2018 4:37 PM
Folder: 2017 Quarterly Meeting (January)
8/27/2018 4:35 PM
Folder: 2018 NUC and CAES CINR Workshop (August)
8/27/2018 5:01 PM
Folder: 2019 NUC and CAES LDRD Workshop (February)
12/11/2018 12:38 PM