The NUC engages in collaborative research strengthening the portfolios of INL and the universities while furthering the nation's strategic nuclear energy objectives. NUC members work closely with INL project personnel to further the goals of high-priority INL projects. Each project is led by an INL project lead or researcher that collaborates with researchers from one or more of the partner universities. This teaming fosters project-related collaboration across the five NUC universities to bring to bear the collective experience, capabilities and wisdom of these institutions to solve problems and improve performance in the identified projects. 


NUC focuses on two high-priority projects

  1. Modeling, Co-Simulation and Optimization of Dynamic Energy Systems (Hybrid Energy Systems Design)

  2. Multi-scale, Multi-physics Modeling (MOOSE, RATTLESNAKE, BADGER, MAMMOTH, RAVEN, etc.) – Model Development and Validation


Current LDRD Projects


TitleINL ​PICo-PI ​
​Computationally Efficient Prediction of Containment Thermal Hydraulics Using Multi-Scale SimulationRobert ​Youngblood​Nam T. Dinh (NCSU); Igor A. Bolotnov (NCSU)
​Stress Corrosion Cracking Testing in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide​Sebastian Teysseyre​Julie Tucker (Oregon SU)
​Implementation and Validation of Radiation Defect Cluster Dynamics in the multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment​Cody Permann​Michael Short (MIT)



TitleINL ​PICo-PI​
​Transient Modeling of Integrated NHES​Shannon Bragg-Sitton​Qiao Wu (Oregon SU);;Andy Klein (Oregon SU); Mike Doster (NCSU); Stephen Terry (NCSU); Carol Smidts (The Ohio SU)
​Development of State-of-the-Art Capabilities to Support TREAT Modeling and Simulation​Mark DeHart​Todd Palmer (Oregon SU); Ed Blanford (UNM); Ed Arthur (UNM); Ben Forget (MIT)
​Interfacing MOOSE Components to Enhance CapabilityHongbin ​Zhang​Carol Smidts (The Ohio SU); X. Sun (The Ohio SU); Jinsuo Zhang (The Ohio SU)
​Neutron Diagnostics for the TREAT Reactor​Maria Okuniewski​Adam Hecht (UNM)