Gary Cooper.jpgGary Cooper

Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering

Phone: (505) 277-2557



Gary Cooper has been on the faculty of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering since January 1979. He specializes in the area of neutron and gamma-ray diagnostics. Although he does work in the areas of non-destructive assay for safeguards applications, his main focus over the past fifteen years has been on the measurement of neutrons emitted by fusing plasmas from inertial confinement fusion experiments. He has developed many diagnostics for experiments on Sandia National Laboratories Z machine and has a diagnostic on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories National Ignition Facility.

​Research Interests

  • Nuclear Activation Diagnostics for Fusion Plasmas
  • Neutron Time-of-Flight Diagnostics for Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Non-destructive Assay Diagnostics

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